Submission Checklist

Upload signed the Epsbs Copyright Form as PDF document and the Manuscript Submission as a Word Document to your Future Academy account. 
Indicate that this submission is ready to be considered by EpSBS by checking off the following
Only the Full Text Papers that follow the rules and are written in A+ English will be considered for publication.

Is the entire manuscript—including quotations, references, author note, content footnotes, and figure captions—1.5-spaced?
Is the manuscript neatly prepared? 
Are the margins at least 1 in. (2.54 cm)?         
Are the title page, abstract, references, appendices, content footnotes, tables, and figures on separate pages (with only one table or figure per page)?            
Are the figure captions on the same page as the figures? Are manuscript elements ordered in sequence, with the text pages between the abstract and the references?            
Are all pages numbered in sequence, starting with the title page?           
Title Page and Abstract  
Is the title no more than 12 words? 
Does the byline reflect the institution or institutions where the work was conducted?        
Does the title page include the running head, article title, byline, and author identification?
Does the abstract range between 150 and 250 words? (Abstract word limit.)
Paragraphs and Headings 
Is each paragraph longer than a single sentence but not longer than one manuscript page?
Do the levels of headings accurately reflect the organization of the paper?
Do all headings of the same level appear in the same format?
Are unnecessary abbreviations eliminated and necessary ones explained?
Are abbreviations in tables and figures explained in the table notes and figure captions or legends?
Mathematics and Statistics 
Are Greek letters and all but the most common mathematical symbols identified on the manuscript?
Are all non-Greek letters that are used as statistical symbols for algebraic variables in italics?
Units of Measurement 
Are metric equivalents for all nonmetric units provided (except measurements of time, which have no metric equivalents?
Are all metric and nonmetric units with numeric values (except some measurements of time) abbreviated?
The word limit for papers submitted for consideration to EpSBS is 5000 words (min 5 pages - max 10 pages). The word limit does not include the abstract, reference list, figures, or tables. Appendices however are included in the word limit.  
Are references cited both in text and in the reference list? 
Do the text citations and reference list entries agree both in spelling and in date?
Are journal titles in the reference list spelled out fully?
Are the references (both in the parenthetical text citations and in the reference list) ordered alphabetically by the authors’ surnames?
Are inclusive page numbers for all articles or chapters in books provided in the reference list)?
Are references to studies included in your meta-analysis preceded by an asterisk?
*The literature has to be current, with the majority of works (2/3) having been published no more than 5 years ago (total min 15 references). 
Notes and Footnotes 
Is the departmental affiliation given for each author in the author note?
Does the author note include both the author’s current affiliation if it is different from the byline affiliation and a current address for correspondence?
Does the author note disclose special circumstances about the article (portions presented at a meeting, student paper as basis for the article, report of a longitudinal study, relationship that may be perceived as a conflict of interest?
In the text, are all footnotes indicated, and are footnote numbers correctly located?
Tables and Figures 
Does every table column, including the stub column, have a heading?
Are the figures being submitted in a file format acceptable to the publisher?
Has the figure been prepared at a resolution sufficient to produce a high-quality image?
Are all figures numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals?
Are all figures and tables mentioned in the text and numbered in the order in which they are mentioned?
Is lettering in a figure no smaller than 8 points and no larger than 14 points?
Are the elements in the figures large enough to remain legible after the figure has been reduced to the width of a journal column or page?
Have all vertical table rules been omitted (5.19)?Are all tables referred to in text?  
Copyright and Quotations
Is written permission to use previously published text; test; or portions of tests, tables, or figures enclosed with the manuscript? 
Are page or paragraph numbers provided in text for all quotations?
Submitting the Manuscript 
Upload it to your account (Future Academy) / Send it to the Conference Organizer (Individual Organizer)