Volume IX

Volume: IX
Number: 2
Pages: 1353- 1435 (30 April 2014)
The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences EJSBS
Editor: Zafer Bekirogullari
Assistant Editor: Melis Yagmur Minas
Articles: 118-129
Frequency: 3 issue per year
eISSN: 2301-2218

No: 118
Title: Contents
Pages: 1353-1354
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Contents 118

No: 119
Title: Reviewing the Impact of the National Strategies Design and Technology Framework for Key Stage Three
Pages: 1355 - 1366
Author(s): Matt McLain
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No: 120
Title: Mathematics teachers discourse practices in teaching lesson content using non-native language
Pages: 1367 – 1373
Author(s): Ruzlan Md-Ali
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No: 121
Title: Exploring data use among teachers in the Republic of Ireland
Pages: 1374 – 1382
Author(s): Marie C. Ryan
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No: 122
Title: Delinquent and nondelinquent male adolescents’ conceptions of their intimate relationships with parents
Pages: 1383 – 1392
Author(s): Kristi Kõiv
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No: 123
Title: Integration in Italian Primary Schools: Immigrant Children’s Voices
Pages: Paola Dusi
Author(s): 1393 – 1402
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No: 124
Title: Application of chaining therapy for improving fine motoric skills as self being basic skills in children with down syndrome
Pages: 1403 – 1409
Author(s): Jehan Safitri
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No: 125
Title: AReassurance supportive therapy for reducing depression in paraplegic patients due to Bantul earthquake
Pages: 1410 – 1416
Author(s): Rahmi Fauzia
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No: 126
Title: Aetiology of pedophile Sufferers
Pages: 1417 – 1422
Author(s): Jehan Safitri
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No: 127
Title: Relationship work fatigue related to work stress on circadian rythm night shift operator employee PT. Indonesia Bulk Terminal Kotabaru, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Pages: 1423 – 1430
Author(s): Qomariyatus Sholihah
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No: 128
Title: Subjects invite subjects – education in dialogue between students and teachers
Pages: 1431 – 1435
Author(s): Silius-Ahonen, E. Gustavson, M.
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No: 129
Title: The Role of the Higher Education Managements on Leading the University and Industry Partnership through Clustering: Case in Health
Pages: 1436 – 1449
Author(s): Gamze Sart
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