Volume IV

Volume: IV
Number: 1
Pages: 662 - 896 (01 January 2013)
The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences EJSBS
Editor: Elvin Kerime Silahtaroglu
Assistant Editor: Melis Yagmur Minas
Articles: 40-60
Frequency: 3 issue per year
eISSN: 2301-2218

No: 40
Title: Contents
Pages: 662
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No: 41
Title: Editor's Message
Pages: 663 - 664
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No: 42
Title: Yearning for learning: Engaging the disengaged through socially inclusive university-community partnerships
Pages: 665 - 686
Author(s): Carolyn Broadbent
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No: 43
Title: Leading change in teacher education inAustralia through university-school partnerships
Pages: 687 - 703
Author(s): Carolyn Broadbent
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No: 44
Title: Effects of Technology Transfer Offices on Capacity Building in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Pages: 704 - 712
Author(s): Gamze Sart
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No: 45
Title: Continuing Professional Development: Views and Barriers Toward Participation Among Malaysian Pharmacists
Pages: 713 - 726
Author(s): Zoriah Aziz
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No: 46
Title: Motivation-Based Teaching Practices
Pages: 727 - 733
Author(s): Anissa Khaldi
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No: 47
Title: Didactics: Between Modernity And Tradition
Pages: 734 - 741
Author(s): Cheradi  Nadia
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No: 48
Title: Autonomy and Competence for Learning
Pages: 742 - 755
Author(s): Lourdes Villardón-Gallego
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No: 49
Title: An Analysis of Readiness of Education Students in the Use of Technology at Mississippi StateUniversity
Pages: 756 - 775
Author(s): Vahid Motamedi
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No: 50
Title: Comparison of the effect of three methods of creativity development in elementary students in Tehran city
Pages: 776 - 787
Author(s): Mehrnaz Azadyekta
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No: 51
Title: Connections between theory and practice in teacher education
Pages: 788 - 800
Author(s): Nabi Bux Jumani
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No: 52
Title: Iranian EFL Learners’ Attitudes toward Correction of Oral Errors
Pages: 801 - 818
Author(s): Ali Sorayaie Azar
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No: 53
Title: Learning Style Preferences of Pharmacy Students
Pages: 819 - 835
Author(s): Zoriah Aziz
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No: 54
Title: The Effectiveness of a Lifecycle Approach to Learning Project Management
Pages: 836 - 847
Author(s): Mehryar Nooriafshar
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No: 55
Title: Teacher Professional Development for Learning Organization on Sufficiency Economy in Small Schools
Pages: 848 - 853
Author(s): Nilmanee Pitak
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No: 56
Title: Integrated Management Model for Learning Organization on Sufficiency Economy in Small School, Thailand
Pages: 854 - 860
Author(s): Siripong Piasiri
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No: 57
Title: The Administration of Student Support System in the Education Extended School under the Office of  Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area 4
Pages: 861 - 866
Author(s): Prasertcharoensuk, Thanomwan
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No: 58
Title: Do Student Beliefs Differ by Ethnicity? Exploring self-perceptions
Pages: 867 - 874
Author(s): Christine M. Rubie-Davies
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No: 59
Title: Mediation competences in adult education and training in Portugal and France
Pages: 875 - 888
Author(s): Ana Maria Silva
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No: 60
Title: Development of A Self –Regulation Package For Academic Procrastination and Evaluation of Its Effectiveness
Pages: 889 - 896
Author(s): Hoora Motie
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