Volume III

Volume: III
Number: 3
Pages: 384 - 661 (01 December 2012)
The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences EJSBS
Editor: Elvin Kerime Silahtaroglu
Assistant Editor: Melis Yagmur Minas
Articles: 23-39
Frequency: 3 issue per year
eISSN: 2301-2218

No: 23
Title: Contents
Pages: 384
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Contents 23

No: 24
Title: Editor's Message
Pages: 385 - 386
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Message 24

No: 25
Title: Inclusion of Children with Visual Impairment in India
Pages: 387 - 408
Author(s): Sujata Bhan
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No: 26
Title: Stressful situations in school and their influence in motivation in gifted adolescent
Pages: 409 - 419
Author(s): Petra Holešovská
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No: 27
Title: Confusing Identities Of Counseling Psychologists And Educational Psychologists In Turkey
Pages: 420 - 434
Author(s): Kamuran Godelek
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No: 28
Title: Rousseau As A Philosopher Of Enlightenment And The Equality Of Sophie And Émile Regarding Education
Pages: 435 - 450
Author(s): Kamuran Godelek
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No: 29
Title: The School Organization between the Question of Effectiveness and Social Effect
Pages: 451- 464
Author(s): Faradji Mohamed Akli
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No: 30
Title: Development of counsellor Trainee's self-Efficacy whilst performing counseling practicum: Malaysian perspective
Pages: 465 - 483
Author(s): Ruhani Mat Min
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No: 31
Title: Impact of Demographic Variables in the Development of Prospective Teachers’ Efficacy Beliefs towards Inclusive Practices in the Context of Pakistan
Pages: 484 - 508
Author(s): Sadia Shaukat
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No: 32
Title: Tradition VS Reform: A Critical Review of Teacher Evaluation Beliefs in China
Pages: 509 - 527
Author(s): Chang Zhu
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No: 33
Title: Media Ethnographic Methods targeting students in a technical education (Medialogy)
Pages: 528 - 552
Author(s): Eva Petersson Brooks
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No: 34
Title: Comparison effectiveness stability in two career counselling approaches on entrepreneurship skills over time
Pages: 553 - 561
Author(s): Katrin Fekri
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No: 35
Title: The Sign Language and Spoken/Written Language of Bilingual Method for Hearing-Impaired Children in Pre-Schools in Latvia
Pages: 562 - 588
Author(s): Inamora Zaiceva
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No: 36
Title: Relationship Between Parenting Style And Adolescents’ Alcohol Consumption InEnugu State, Nigeria: Implications For Counselling
Pages: 589 - 601
Author(s): C. Obioma Ezeh
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No: 37
Title: What Do the Disabled Students Need? A Study on the Needs of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Learners in Malaysian Public Universities
Pages: 602 - 623
Author(s): Azman L Kadir
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No: 38
Title: Analysis of Factors Influencing Achievement Motivation of Agricultural Faculty Members
Pages: 624 - 651
Author(s): Ahmad Rezvanfar
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No: 39
Title: The Influence of Test Anxiety on Academic Performance of Agricultural Student
Pages: 652 - 661
Author(s): Mahtab Pouratashi
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