Volume I

Volume: I
Number: 1
Pages: 1- 145 (01 May 2012)
The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences EJSBS
Editor: Kamuran Godelek
Assistant Editor: Melis Yagmur Minas
Articles: 1-9
Frequency: 3 issue per year
eISSN: 2301-2218

No: 1
Title: Contents
Pages: 1
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No: 2
Title: Editor's Message
Pages: 2
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Message 2

No: 3
Title: Mathematic teachers discourse practices in Teaching lesson content using non-native language
Pages: 3 - 13 
Author(s): B.C van der Merwe
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No: 4
Title: Comparing Information from Focus-group Interviews with that Obtained by Surveys in an ESL Environment
Pages: 14 - 36
Author(s): Paul Lam, Jack Lee, Carmel McNaught
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No: 5
Title: Delinquent and non-delinquent male adolescents’ conceptions of their intimate relationships with parents
Pages: 37 - 53
Author(s): Gordon O. Ade-Ojo 
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No: 6
Title: Voice Teachers’ Strategies to Overcome Performance Anxiety
Pages: Vaike Kiik-Salupere 
Author(s): 54 - 66
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No: 7
Title: SCOOP: A Research Tool for Exploring Student Online Search Strategies and Performance
Pages: 67 - 80 
Author(s): Mingming Zhou, Yabo Xu, Yingbin Su, Liu Liu
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No: 8
Title: Reassurance supportive therapy for reducing depression in paraplegic patients due to Bantul earthquake
Pages: 81 - 113
Author(s): Don A. Klinger, Lyn A. Shulha, Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Stephen Elliott
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No: 9
Title: Etiology of pedophile Sufferers Relationship work fatigue related to work stress on circadian rhythm
Pages: 114 – 145
Author(s): Éva Bodnár, Judit Sass
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