Volume XXIV

Volume: XXIV
Number: 1
Pages: 2453 - 2560 (01 January 2019)
The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences EJSBS
Editor: Zafer Bekirogullari
Assistant Editor: Melis Yagmur Minas
Articles: 243 - 252
Frequency: 3 issue per year
eISSN: 2301-2218

No: 243
Title: Contents
Pages: 2769
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No: 244
Title: Theater Improvisation Promoting Interpersonal Confidence of Student Teachers: A Controlled Intervention Study
Pages: 2770-2788
Author(s): Sirke Seppänen, Kaisa Tiippana, Iiro Jääskeläinen, Olli Saari, Tapio Toivanen
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No: 245
Title: How Positive Behavioral Supports and Social-Emotional Curriculum Impact Student Learning
Pages: 2789-2804
Author(s): Nancy M. Richard Albrecht, Melissa Brunner
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No: 246     
Title:  Overcoming Students’ Limiting Viewpoints via Learner & Stress Mindset Teaching Interventions
Pages: 2805 -2821
Author(s):Jason Gold
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No: 247
Title:  Networked Learning in Storyworlds: An Alternative Approach to Online Learning
Pages: 2822 -2831
Author(s): Carlos Sánchez-Lozano, Catalina Cortés
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No: 248       
Title:  Student Evaluation of International Interaction and Communication Opportunities at University
Pages: 2832 -2851
Author(s): Victoria Kompanets, Juha Väätänen
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No: 249       
Title:  University Music Educators Creating Piano-Learning Environments in Finnish Primary School Teacher Education
Pages: 2852 -2864
Author(s): Anu Sepp, Lenita Hietanen, Jukka Enbuska, Vesa Tuisku, Inkeri Ruokonen, Heikki Ruismäki
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No: 250      
Title:  Composition of Song Accompaniment as a Form of Developing Future Music Teachers’ Harmonic Hearing
Pages: 2865 -2876
Author(s): Galina Zavadska, Jelena Davidova
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No: 251       
Title:  Innovative study methods adaptation: the power of an effective teacher
Pages: 2877 -2890
Author(s): Lina Gaižiūnienė
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No: 252      
Title:  Fourth Graders’ Objectively Measured Week Long Physical Activity
Pages: 2891 -2908
Author(s): Juha Valtonen, Anna-Liisa Kyhälä, Sari Slotte, Jyrki Reunamo
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