What is the format?

What is the format of the icH&Hpsy?

It’s a virtual poster and PowerPoint presentation conference. Academic research papers are submitted to Future Academy for a peer review. Once accepted and registered, papers are made available on the icH&Hpsy website. 

1- The formal format of the poster is described in the rules at the conference website. The official language of all the materials is English.

2- Virtual posters and Poster presentations involve an electronic submission of those documents in a standard format. After the documents are accepted, participants can access them via the conference website.  

3- All posters will be printed and presented in the exhibition center of the Exhibition Saloon Escola Superior de Saúde de ViseuR. D. João Crisóstomo Gomes de Almeida, n.º 102, 3500-843 Viseu PORTUGAL from 4 through 6 July. The exhibition will be open to interested academicians, students and researchers. 

4- Authors can discuss their research with colleagues via e-mail. 

5- This conference is designed to enable any person to share research findings in an international environment and publish full text papers via the peer-reviewed he European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EJSBS) and in the to peer-reviewed European Proceedings - Social and Behavioural Sciences, a publication registered with the International Centre for the Registration of Serial publications in Paris.

6- icH&Hpsy 2019 will be an in-person conference.