Thematic Sections

Main theme
Environmental Law

Access to information and justice
Air quality management
Biodiversity and Nature management
Climate change and sustainability
Community engagement
Eco tourism sustainability
Ecological restoration
Economic development, globalization and environment
E-green Innovation and Sustainable Technologies
Emissions trading
Environmental and public participation
Environmental crimes
Environmental disaster management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental incentives and taxes
Environmental law and entrepreneurship and business
Environmental Law and Ethics
Environmental law research methods and teaching related issues
Environmental limits to Economic development
Environmental Policies, Public Administration and Local Government
Flora and fauna protection
Food security and natural resource sustainability
Forests and deforestation
Global Governance
Hazardous Waste Management
Human Rights and Environment
International environmental principles
Judicial and administrative remedies
Marine and habitat protection
Nature conservation
National and international peace and security
Raw materials and waste management
Regional environmental Issues
Role of public authorities, NGO’s and private sectors
Rural development, agriculture and plantation
Transboundary pollution and sovereignty of State
Water pollution and management
Sustainable Development and Growth and related issues.