We are delighted that we will have Special Workshop Trainers

Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara, PhD, Docent, Adj. professor, University of Helsinki 

Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara is an expert in positive education and strength-based learning. She works in section of Special education in Faculty of educational sciences in University of Helsinki. She has published studies in well-being, school-related happiness, and depression in mainstream students as well as in students with various special needs. She has pioneered in bringing the wellness-centered approach to both initial and in-service teacher training and she is an experienced speaker on diverse international forums. In addition to scientific papers, Uusitalo-Malmivaara has published a multitude of practical material for early and K-12 educators. With Kaisa Vuorinen, she has created the "Focus on the positives" teacher material that is widely used in Finnish kindergartens and schools. The material has been translated into English, Swedish, and Chinese. In 2017, Uusitalo-Malmivaara's  group won the shared first price in a big Finnish challenge competition called Ratkaisu100. The winning solution, Positive CV, is a pedagogical tool for recognition and documentation of versatile skills and successes of every student. See,,

Workshop Title:
Positive CV

Positive CV (PCV) is an award-winning positive pedagogical solution for recognizing and documenting diverse skills in all students ( Its' core idea is to teach children and adolescents see all the things they are good at. Furthermore, they will learn how to receive and give more positive feedback from their peers, parents, teachers, and coaches. PCV is a digital platform where photos and texts can be stored and categorized based on selected factors like courage, grit, social intelligence, curiosity etc. For example, a photo showing a student helping a friend can be tagged as "compassionate" evidencing her possessing this skill. In particular, the 21st century skills (such as communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking) can be made visible and further developed with the PCV solution. PCV aims at bringing out the best in every learner and giving a more versatile documentation of skills and strengths in them. Additionally, PCV makes a powerful data collection tool for both researchers and education authorities. In the workshop, principles of positive education and hands-on activities with the PCV platform will be taught.

 & Dr Inkeri Ruokonen & lecturer MA Erika Perttuli-Borobio,  University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Finland 

Workshop Title: 
Creativity and the Arts in Education

This workshop offers some insight into creative methods and interdisciplinary learning in the arts especially in teacher education. In the workshop we integrate music and visual art in practical examples and present some cases from Finnish teacher education.