2015 Virtual Posters

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Virtual Posters: 
6th ICEEPSY International Conference on Education & Educational Psychology ICEEPSY 2015
13-17 October 2015
Conference Chair(s): Co-Chair, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland & Pavlo Kanellakis, Co-Chair, CPsychol, FBPsS (British Psychological Society), HCPC Registered Clinical, Counselling, Health, Sport and Exercise Psychologist (United Kingdom), Association for Psychological Therapies (APT), Couples SIG

No: 1
Title: Contents
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Contents 1 

No: 2
Title: A Study of motıves of doctoral students
Author(s): Adriana Wiegerová
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Poster Presentation 2 

No: 3   (2911)

Title: The Homework in primary education from the perspective of teachers and pupils
Author(s): Ana Paula Cardoso, Marina Costa, Carla Lacerda, Ana Lopes, Celeste Gomes
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Poster Presentation 3 

No: 4  (2922)

Title: Relationship Between Adolescents' And Parents' Life Values And Attitudes Toward Future Profession
Author(s): Natalia Moskvicheva, Nina Bordovskaia, Zoya Dudchenko, Elena Borisova
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Poster Presentation 4 

No: 5  (2979)

Title: The re-conceptualization of cooperative learning in an inquiry-oriented teaching
Author(s): Cestmir Serafin
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Poster Presentation 5 

No: 6  (2984)

Title: Functioning of basic school as effective way of socialization of rural schoolchildren
Author(s): Bibigul Almurzayeva, Orynkul Shunkeyeva, Danna Naurzalina, Altnay Zhaitapova, Karlygash Satubaldina, Shandoz Tulegenova
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Poster Presentation 6 

No: 7  (3001)

Title: The perception of teachers about potentialities and difficulties of the students
Author(s): Mary Rosane Ceroni, Berenice Carpigiani, Ana Maria Porto Castanheira, Adilson Aderito da Silva
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Poster Presentation 7 

No: 8  (3004)

Title: Development of the indicators of learner competencies on the education curriculumAuthor(s): Boonsom Srisakda,Siridej Sujiva, Shotiga Pasiphol
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Poster Presentation 8 

No: 9  (3037)

Title: Addictive Study of rater effects in PBL assessment using many-facet Rasch Model
Author(s): Sukolrat Ingchatcharoen, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond, Shotiga Pasiphol
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Poster Presentation 9 

No: 10  (3040)

Title: Ethical-moral courses of action and active citizenship in health students
Author(s): Madalena Cunha, Ana Sofia Carvalho, Rosa Martins, Suzana André, Carlos Albuquerque, Maria do Céu Cunha
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Poster Presentation 10  

No: 11  (3045)

Title: Anxiety, depression and stress in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Author(s): Suzana André, Madalena Cunha, Ana Rocha
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Poster Presentation 11  

No: 12  (3046)

Title: Development of Evaluation Capacity -Building program for nurse teachers in students’ practicum
Author(s): Netrachanee Kamonratananun, Siridej Sujiva, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond
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Poster Presentation 12 

No: 13   (3059)

Title: Contents of Digital Literacy from the Perspective of Teachers and Pupils
Author(s): Vladimir Rambousek, Jiri Stipek, Petra Vankova
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Poster Presentation 13 

No: 14  (3061)

Title: Antecedents Spatial Intelligence of University Students
Author(s): Milos Prokysek, Jiri Stipek
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Poster Presentation 14 

No: 15  (3062)

Title: Developing technological knowledge and programming skills of secondary schools students through robotics
Author(s): Daniel Tochacek, Jakub Lapes, Viktor Fuglik
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Poster Presentation 15 

No: 16  (3098)

Title: Indicators Development for Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs in Thailand
Author(s): Chanicha Chaiyaphumthanachok, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond, Siridej Sujiva
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Poster Presentation 16 

No: 17  (3110)

Title: Benefits for the father from their involvement in the labour and birth sequence
Author(s): Emília Carvalho Coutinho, Joana Gomes Vilaça Cardoso, João Carvalho   Duarte, Vitória Castro, Cláudia Balula Chaves, Paula Alexandra Batista Nelas
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Poster Presentation 17 

No: 18  (3136)

Title: Tacit Organization of housework in heterosexual couples: systematic review of the literature
Author(s): Suzana André, Madalena Cunha, Graça Aparício, Eduardo Santos, Celso Nunes
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Poster Presentation 18 

No: 19  (3149)

Title: Intellectual disability in kindergarten: possibilities of development through pretend play
Author(s): Juliene Madureira Ferreira, Kátia de Souza Amorim, Marita Mäkinen
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Poster Presentation 19 

No: 20  (3150)

Title: The Network of Meanings in Educational Psychology: theoretical and practical possibilities
Author(s): Juliene Madureira Ferreira, Kátia de Souza Amorim, Marita Mäkinen, Gabriella G. Moura
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Poster Presentation 20  

No: 21  (3173)

Title: Development of Multidimensional Construct Map of Student's Responsible Citizenship
Author(s): Mesa Nuansri, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond
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Poster Presentation 21 

No: 22  (3178)

Title: Promoting creativity in teaching drama
Author(s): Tapio Toivanen
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Poster Presentation 22 

No: 23  (3191)

Title: The Development of diagnostic test using the attribute hierarchy method
Author(s): Prathana Phonapichat, Suwimon Wongwanich, Siridej Sujiva
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Poster Presentation 23 

No: 24  (3214)

Title: «Education reforming» project: Introduction (implementation of the Personality Forming programs)
Author(s): Mikhail Mianiye (Diukarev)
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Poster Presentation 24 

No: 25  (3215)

Title: Adolescents’ Self-concept Short Scale
Author(s): Feliciano Veiga, António Leite
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Poster Presentation 25 

No: 26  (3216)

Title: The State of Teachers’ Educational Data Use in Thailand
Author(s): Kulratee Phanchalaem, Siridej Sujiva, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond
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Poster Presentation 26 

No: 27  (3244)

Title: Multicultural Competence of Helping Profession Students: Cross-cultural Comparison between Europe and Africa
Author(s): Jakub Hladik, Langsajo Mustafa Jadama
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Poster Presentation 27 

No: 28  (3269)

Title: Student factors affecting latent transition of mathematic achievement
Author(s): Korawan Saengtrakul, Sirichai Kanjanawasee, Nonglak Wiraะchai
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Poster Presentation 28  

No: 29  (3287)

Title: Trainee engagement in the Portuguese Navy
Author(s): Ana Frade, Feliciano Veiga
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Poster Presentation 29 

No: 30  (3320)

Title: Individual Differences in Psychology Undergraduates’ Development of Research Methods Knowledge and Skills
Author(s): Kieran Balloo, Regina Pauli, Marcia Worrell
Open Access

Poster Presentation 30 

No: 31  (3330)

Title: Computerized Adaptive Testing with Reflective Feedback: A Conceptual Framework
Author(s): Nhabhat Chaimongkol, Shotiga Pasiphol, Sirichai Kanjanawasee
Open Access

Poster Presentation 31 

No: 32  (3331)

Title: Assessing Students´ Engagement in School: Development and Validation of a Four-dimensional Scale
Author(s): Feliciano Veiga
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Poster Presentation 32 

No: 33  (3335)

Title: Semantic differential and its risks in the measurement of students attitudes
Author(s): Miroslav Chráska, Marie Chrásková
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Poster Presentation 33 

No: 34  (3337)

Title: Adaptation Rosenberg´s Self-esteem scale and EBEPS-A Self-esteem Subscale on Portuguese students.
Author(s): Tagarro Marta, Galinha Sónia, Veiga Feliciano
Open Access

Poster Presentation 34 

No: 35  (3348)

Title: EParental adjustment to disability, stress indicators and the influence of social support
Author(s): Sara Felizardo, Esperança Ribeiro, Maria João Amante
Open Access

Poster Presentation 35 

No: 36  (3349)

Title: Educational strategies that promote the inclusion of children with Autism Disorders
Author(s): Sara Felizardo, Ana Isabel Silva, Ana Paula Cardoso
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Poster Presentation 36 

No: 37  (3352)

Title: A first experience of flipped classroom in numerical analysis
Author(s): Georgina Rodríguez, Marta Caligaris, Lorena Laugero
Open Access

Poster Presentation 37 

No: 38  (3353)

Title: Students at university have mobile technologies. Do they do m-learning?
Author(s): Georgina Rodríguez, Spiegel Alejandro
Open Access

Poster Presentation 38 

No: 39  (3372)

Title: Testing Measurement Invariance of Quality Rating Causal Models in Tutorial-Based Assessment
Author(s): Sukolrat Ingchatcharoen, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond, Shotiga Pasiphol
Open Access

Poster Presentation 39 

No: 40  (3377)

Title: Development Of Evaluation Standards For Professional Experiential Training Of Student Teachers
Author(s): Watcharaporn Khuanwang, Nuttaporn Lawthong, Siripaarn Suwanmonkha
Open Access

Poster Presentation 40 

No: 41  (3379)

Title: The Significance of Dress Up Games on Children's Materialism
Author(s): Nurist Surayya
Open Access

Poster Presentation 41  

No: 42  (3408)

Title: Broad categorizer and language modelling in relation to selected expressive factors
Author(s): Dasa Munkova, Eva   Stranovská, Michal Munk
Open Access

Poster Presentation 42 

No: 43  (3439)

Title: Effects of Education and Attitude on Essential Learning Outcomes
Author(s): Chaiyut Kleebbua, Thomrat Siriparp
Open Access

Poster Presentation 43 

No: 44  (3449)

Title: Influence of research training environment on research interest in graduate students
Author(s): Sutthisan Chumwichan, Thomrat Siriparp      
Open Access

Poster Presentation 44 

No: 45  (3423)

Title: Leadership of Women at University STEM Departments
Author(s):Gamze Sart
Open Access

Poster Presentation 45 

No: 46  (3425)

Title: Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Improving Resiliency
Author(s): Gamze Sart
Open Access

Poster Presentation 46  

No: 47  (3069)

Title: Chemical and Physical restraint of patients
Author(s): Madalena Cunha
Open Access

Poster Presentation 47