2014 Virtual Posters

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Melis Yagmur Minas
Virtual Posters: 
5th ICEEPSY International Conference on Education & Educational Psychology ICEEPSY 2014
22-25 October 2014
Conference Chair(s): 
Prof. Dr. Kirsti Lonka, Co-Chair, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland & Dr. Soňa Vávrová, Co-Chair, Vice-Dean for Master's and Doctoral Study Programmes, Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic

No: 1

Title: Contents

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Contents 1 

No: 2

Title: The effect of M-learning on mathematics learning
Author(s): Zahra Taleb,  Amineh Ahmadi, Maryam Musavi
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Poster Presentation 2

No: 3   (1942)

Title: The role of optimism-pessimism in anticipatory psychological contract formation
Author(s): Biljana Blaževska Stoilkovska & Zorica Marković
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Poster Presentation 3 

No: 4   (2005)

Title: Trust Formation to the Mother: A Comparison between Male and Female Adolescents
Author(s): Chua Bee Seok, Jasmine Adela Mutang, Shazia Iqbal Hashmi
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Poster Presentation 4 

No: 5   (2012)

Title: To the environmental responsibility among students through developing their environmental values
Author(s): Jovanović Slavoljub, Andjelković Sladjana, Gatarić Dragica, Petrović Stanisavljević Zorica
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Poster Presentation 5 

No: 6   (2035)

Title: Intercultural learning context and acculturation strategies
Author(s): Migliorini L., Rania N. , Cardinali P.
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Poster Presentation 6 

No: 7   (2043)

Title: The role of social climate in Nursing and Health Care Professions degree programs
Author(s): Anna Siri, Nadia Rania, Annamaria Bagnasco, Loredana Sasso
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Poster Presentation 7 

No: 8   (2044)

Title: Impact of emotional intelligence on formation of meaning-existential strategy among students
Author(s): Danna Naurzalina, Aliya Tolegenova, Aksaule Karabalina, Bibigul Almurzayeva, Saya Bakiyeva, Nazira Sadykova
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Poster Presentation 8 

No: 9   (2052)

Title: Addictive behavior among adolescents
Author(s): Fariza Oskenbay, Elmira Kalymbetova, Aliya Tolegenova, Maira Kabakova, Saya Bakiyeva, Salima Nugmanova
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Poster Presentation 9 

No: 10   (2058)

Title: Typhlotechnics for persons with visual impairment and quality of life
Author(s): Olga Malinovska & Hana Majerova
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Poster Presentation 10 

No: 11   (2087)

Title: Teaching Content Using Non-native Language: Teachers’ Intention and Actual Classroom Discourse
Author(s): Ruzlan Md-Ali
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Poster Presentation 11 

No: 12   (2101)

Title: Young adults perceptions on appropriateness of social programs and recreational activities
Author(s): Fuziah Shaffie
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Poster Presentation 12 

No: 13   (2130)

Title: Educational intervention for oral health
Author(s): Isabel Bica, Madalena Cunha, Margarida Reis, Patrícia Costa, José Costa, Carlos Albuquerque
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Poster Presentation 13 

No: 14   (2147)

Title: Antecedents of knowledge sharing behavior among nurses: Towards research agenda
Author(s): Roziana Shaari, Norhani Bakri, Ayesha Abdul Rahman
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Poster Presentation 14 

No: 15   (2218)

Title: Entrepreneurship traits and social learning process: An overview and research agenda
Author(s): Mohamad Abdillah Royo, Azlineer Sarip, Roziana Shaari
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Poster Presentation 15 

No: 16   (2225)

Title: The features of students’ self-organization structure who study “MBA in construction” program
Author(s): Ishkov Alexander Dmitrievich, Miloradova Nadezda Georgievna, Chernyshev Alexander Yurievich
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Poster Presentation 16 

No: 17   (2229)

Title: A model of self-education skills in high education system
Author(s): Almira Amirkhanova, Elizaveta Davletkalieva, Bagdashzhan Muldasheva,
Norslu Kibataeva, Gulzipa Satygliyeva, Elvira Arynhanova
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Poster Presentation 17 

No: 18   (2250)

Title: Tacit Knowledge in Stories of Expert Teachers
Author(s): Jana Krátká
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Poster Presentation 18 

No: 19   (2273)

Title: Brain waves and connectivity of autism spectrum disorders
Author(s): Norsiah Fauzan& Nur Hurunain Amran
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Poster Presentation 19 

No: 20   (2281)

Title: Evaluating effectiveness of IDEWL using Technology Acceptance
Author(s): Ahmad Tajudin Baharin, Habibah Latehb, Shelena S. Nathan, Hurhudzaifah mohd Nawawi
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Poster Presentation 20 

No: 21   (2282)

Title: Evaluation of Satisfaction Using Online Learning with Interactivity
Author(s): Ahmad Tajudin Baharin, Habibah Lateh, Hurhudzaifah mohd Nawawi, Shelena S. Nathan
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Poster Presentation 21 

No: 22   (2356)

Title: Evaluating students’ agency in a playmaking-project
Author(s): Anna E. A. Lehtonen
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Poster Presentation 22 

No: 23   (2362)

Title: Personal determinants of coping with fears of modern children
Author(s): Svetlana V. Gridneva & Anna I. Tashcheva
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Poster Presentation 23 

No: 24   (2369)

Title: Child identity and educational strategies: concepts and fundamentals of practices
Author(s): Esperança Jales Ribeiro & Sara Alexandre Felizardo
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Poster Presentation 24 

No: 25   (2370)

Title: Early childhood intervention: Empirical study about supported families’ satisfaction
Author(s): Esperança Jales  Ribeiro,  Sara Alexandre  Felizardo  & Sandra A. Gonçalves
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Poster Presentation 25 

No: 26   (2373)

Title: Characteristic features of sense-value attitudes of potential parents
Author(s): Liudmila Ju. Kruteleva & Irina V. Abakumova
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Poster Presentation 26 

No: 27   (2378)

Title: Characteristics of Sense-Creation of Younger Teenagers with Different Strategies of Art Perception
Author(s): Zhanna Ju. Karaa , Irina V. Abakumova, Liudmila Ju. Kruteleva
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Poster Presentation 27 

No: 28   (2384)

Title: Family and well-being: contributions to an inclusive education
Author(s): Sara Alexandre  Felizardo, Esperança Jales  Ribeiro, Ana Paula Cardoso
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Poster Presentation 28  

No: 29   (2385)

Title: Parental involvement and special educationalneeds in inclusive contexts
Author(s): Sara Alexandre  Felizardo  & Esperança Jales  Ribeiro
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Poster Presentation 29 

No: 30   (2387)

Title: Metacognition Toward Academic Self-Efficacy Among Indonesian Private University Scholarship Students
Author(s): Matrissya Hermita & Winny P. Thamrin
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Poster Presentation 30 

No: 31   (2417)

Title: Developing creative potential of future teachers: research and results
Author(s): A.E. Berikkhanova, Zh.A. Zhussupova, G.Ye. Berikkhanova
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Poster Presentation 31 

No: 32   (2438)

Title: Treatment of patients with behavioural disorders utilising CBT
Author(s): Ivanna Shubina
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Poster Presentation 32 

No: 33  (2439)

Title: Borderless education: InterUniversity study – tutors´ feedback
Author(s): Petra Poulova & Ivana Simonova
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Poster Presentation 33  

No: 34   (2458)

Title: Developing education skills in health professionals
Author(s): Arminda Pinheiro& Dolores Sardo
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Poster Presentation 34 

No: 35   (2470)

Title: E-learning in mind maps of Czech and Kazakhstan university students
Author(s): Ivana Simonova
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Poster Presentation 35 

No: 36   (2472)

Title: Plug-in reflecting student´s characteristics of individualized learning
Author(s): Ivana Simonova & Petra Poulova
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Poster Presentation 36 

No: 37   (2525)

Title: Online Doctoral Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Written Feedback For Academic Writing
Author(s): Guillaume Olivier & Kathleen Kelm
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Poster Presentation 37 

No: 38   (2581)

Title: Effect of group-level positive psychological capital on group effectiveness of Thai students
Author(s): Vitanya Vanno, Wannee Kaemkate, Suwimon Wongwanich
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Poster Presentation 38 

No: 39   (2588)

Title: An analysis of elementary school students’ difficulties in mathematical problem solving of fractions
Author(s): Prathana Phonapichat,Suwimon Wongwanich,Siridej Sujiva
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Poster Presentation 39 

No: 40   (2589)

Title: Research and development of classroom action research process  to enhance school
Author(s): Nipaporn Kunlasomboon, Suwimon Wongwanich, Siripaarn Suwanmonkha
Open Access

Poster Presentation 40 

No: 41   (2592)

Title: Development of the Engaged learning in reading research articles measure
Author(s): Sareeya Chotitham, Suwimon Wongwanich, Nonglak  Wiratchai
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Poster Presentation 41 

No: 42   (2604)

Title: Confirmatory factor analysis of a scale measuring creative self-efficacy of undergraduate students
Author(s): Pattarajittra Sangsuk & Thomrat Siriparp
Open Access

Poster Presentation 42 

No: 43   (2607)

Title: Development of classroom climate measurement model
Author(s): Kanit Sriklaub, Suwimon Wongwanich, Nonglak Wiratchai
Open Access

Poster Presentation 43 

No: 44   (2608)

Title: Examining self-efficacy and achievement in an educational research course
Author(s): Thomrat Siriparp
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Poster Presentation 44 

No: 45   (2609)

Title: Policy delivery strategies for education reform:A formative research and development
Author(s): Suwimon Wongwanich, Chayut Piromsombat, Piyapong Khaikleng, & Kanit Sriklaub
Open Access

Poster Presentation 45 

No: 46   (2616)

Title:  State, problems, and guidelines for solving problems in implementing student portfolio assessment in elementary schools in Thailand
Author(s): Kamonwan  Tangdhanakanond & Suwimon  Wongwanich
Open Access

Poster Presentation 46 

No: 47   (2619)

Title: Developing self-efficacy and motivation to be a teacher scale, Thai version
Author(s): Natthapol Jaengaksorn, Auyporn  Ruengtrakul, Chayut Piromsombat
Open Access

Poster Presentation 47 

No: 48   (2620)

Title: A training module for evaluation capacity building of the health support organization in Thailand
Author(s): Piyapong Khaiklenga, Suwimon Wongwanichb , Kanit Sriklaubb, Haruthai Ajpruc & Sudpranorm Samantawekind
Open Access

Poster Presentation 48 

No: 49   (2623)

Title: Analysis of research literature of professional competency models with cognitive-motivational approach
Author(s): Dante Arturo Guerrero Chanduví, Gerson La Rosa Lama, Natalia Díaz Morey
Open Access

Poster Presentation 49 

No: 50   (2627)

Title: A follow-up and assessment of new generation teacher policy in Thailand
Author(s): Natthapol Jaengaksorn
Open Access

Poster Presentation 50  

No: 51   (2634)

Title: University’s Transnational Expansion: its meaning, rationales and implications
Author(s): Pi-Yun Chen
Open Access

Poster Presentation 51

No: 52   (2437)
Responses to a Language Policy: EFL Teachers’ Voices

Author(s): Van-Trao NguyenKhoi Ngoc Mai
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Poster Presentation 52