What is the Concept?

Presentation Concept
The following modes of presentations will be used for BE-ci 2019 
I  Virtual Poster Presentation
II  Poster Presentation 

For both Virtual Poster Presentations and Poster Presentations,  participants need not attend the Conference in person as your poster will be printed out and exhibited on your behalf in the local partner institution’s conference venue. 

Certificates of attendance and participation will be made available on the last day of the conference. 

The Virtual Poster and PowerPoint presentation concept 
1. The format for the Virtual Poster and PowerPoint presentation are provided in the rules at the conference website. The official language of  the conference is English.

2. Virtual Posters and PowerPoint presentations involve an electronic submission of these documents in a standard format. After the documents are accepted, participants can access them via the conference website.  

3. All posters will be printed and presented  in a hosting institution's exhibition saloon from 29th - 31st October 2019. The exhibition will be open to interested academicians, students, and researchers, as well as members of the public. 

4. This conference will provide an opportunity for academics to virtually share research findings in an international environment and publish full text papers via the European Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences (EJMS) and the European Proceedings of Multidisciplinary Sciences (EpMS), a publication registered with the International Centre for the Registration of Serial publications in Paris. Both these journals are  peer-reviewed. 

5. Participants may submit academic research papers to Future Academy for a peer review. Once accepted and registered, papers will be made available on the BE-ci website. 

Note: Future Academy and the local partner institution will not be providing any meals or conference materials There will be no opening/closing ceremony or gala dinner for this event. 

What is the Poster and PowerPoint presentation concept?
The only difference is with the virtual poster and PowerPoint presentation is, you can visit the conference exhibition center as a visitor. By registering as a Poster Presentation instead of Virtual Poster Presentation, you confirm that you will visit the exhibition center like the other local visitors for the duration of the conference.