2017 Chairs & Message

Dear Colleague:

It is a great honour and pleasure to announce the inauguration of the 4th BE-ci International Conference on Business and Economics.  The conference provides a unique opportunity to academics and practitioners alike to interact and share knowledge on timely research.  As one of the few conferences to be held purely online, the conference offers the flexibility valued by nowadays academics.  

The conference will take place between 05 - 07 June 2017 and it will be administered in Brno, Czech Republic with presentations being available to all participants.  The online platform offers the opportunity to share presentations and posters, to comment on posted work and to network with other participants.

All authors will be offered the opportunity to publish their full text conference papers in European Proceedings of Multidisciplinary Sciences (EpMS) e-ISSN: 2421-826X and in European Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences (EpMS) eISSN 2421-8251.  Abstracts of all papers will be published in the Conference Abstract Book. Specific guidelines for publication will be provided depending on the type of publication preferred by participants.

The conference offers a unique opportunity for online interaction with researchers and practitioners from around the world and it can therefore offer a venue to network and establish fruitful research collaborations.

We welcome your interest in the 4th BE-ci International Conference on Business and Economics June 2017 and we are looking forward to receiving your abstract submission by 01 April 2017.

Chairs, 4th BE-ci 2017
RNDr. Ing. Lenka Cimbálníková, Ph.D., MBA,
BIBS - College; BIBS 

Ing. Josef Polák, Ph.D.,
BIBS - College; BIBS