Registration & Payment & Important Dates

icH&Hpsy 2017 05th - 07th July

Early Registration - €199
Registration - €259
Late Registration €299
Extra Paper Registration €99

Posters will be printed by our university team for the presentation 
Lunch and Dinner by own arrangements
Only Registered Authors can participate in the conference in person
Any approval document which needs to be signed etc has to be requested before the event via only (NOT at the venue during the event)
Strictly, no printed (hard copy) certificate will be issued for any validation

Even if the paper is registered, the Author who is not registered cannot request any kind of validation etc document (printed or hard copy)

For registered papers, validation of any kind (printed/hard-copy documents) will NOT be provided to co-authors who are not registered for the conference. Validation will be provided only for the registered author.