We are delighted that we will have Special Workshop Trainers

Prof. Dr. Laura Ribeiro, 
Workshop Title: How to deal with concepts of Scientific Integrity in Higher Education

Prof. Dr. Wilson Correia de Abreu & EDUCA&CARE Project Research Team
Workshop Title: Communities of Practice: creating opportunities to learn how to care of dependent old people at home

Prof. Dr. Heikki Ruismäki & Vesa Tuisku (MA)
Workshop Title: "Musical Learning, Expressing and Creative Interaction through Mobile Music Technology"
Prof Dr Heikki Ruismäki: He is a Professor, University Lecturer at the Department of teacher education, Faculty of behavioral sciences, University of Helsinki.
Vesa Tuisku (MA): He is a Lecturer in Music Technology, University of Lapland, Faculty of Art & Design,Faculty of Education

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ameena Zafar
Workshop Title: Are We Okay with Obscenity in Language and Content in Media?
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ameena Zafar: She is a PhD Scholar in English Education. Pakistan. She is currently an Assistant Professor, Head of the Communication Cluster, Patron of Crescendo Society and a senior member of the Consultancy at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Her venues of research are English for Specific Purposes, Curriculum Design, Business Research, and English Literature. 

Dr. Anne Margaret Smith
Workshop Title: “Dyspraxia Cognitive Assessment for Multilingual Learners”
Dr. Anne Margaret Smith (PhD): Anne Margaret founded ELT well to combine the fields of language teaching and support for learners with SpLDs. Other projects she is working on include the EU-funded teacher training course dysTEFL and the dyslexia-friendly language course  English Sounds Fun. She also works with the Learning Development Team at the University of Cumbria, offering 1:1 tuition to learners with SpLDs.